Hard to Impress EP

by Ascidzz



released November 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Ascidzz Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Hard to Impress (Me)
Impress Me?
Well you might as well get the tears ready and the beers ready
You better hold onto here steady
Bringing fear? Plenty of cheerleaders
We're levying careers heavy and

Some say that I'm a stuck up bitch.
Damn right I stuck up this
In the middle of my fist and unzipped my pants turned around and told you to kiss it.
Seems the both of us are edgy.

I'm wondering when you'll have me beheaded and thrown into the sea cause
Recently I've been uneasy.
Stomach queasy, cold sweats and barely eating
No sleeping and I ain't counting on this evening.

Thought of one night I was loathing and dreading
Hopeless and negative thoughts filling up my head and during the circuit conscious gave me an interesting question
Why is it so hard to make impressions?

Started remembering all of the times that I was shut down even jesting.
Peers pressuring
Patience testing
Depression manifesting
Began investing my life into this music shit around the age of seven.

Found a reprieve not as much grieving, couldn't believe it came so naturally
Rolled up my sleeve,
Completed an album and some EP's
Show my uniqueness but still no one accepts me, but
I still work, and I'm slowly improving,
Always working on my craft
And I try to be smooth but what the hell's a fella to do to get some recognition to get some people to listen

No I can't control you and I don't want to.
This music shit is so fun, too.
But I'm just tryna make a living
But you just want to be difficult.

What can I say or do to impress you
Do I have to pay you, enslave myself, promote what you do, and shit on myself, too?

And give you my wealth, too?
For shitty marketing, it's hard picturing myself
Getting far in this shit,
This art in this, I put my heart in this shit
Ever since I was a kid it's never been a hard commitment but the problem is anyone hardly listens

Ever since so many people started businesses
Now everyone wants to claim they are musicians and artists, someone ask me what are they missing?

Most of them rhythm and passion.
Originality, quality not even passing
But somehow guys like me they're passing
They see the music Life as a quick road to start reeling some cash in