Alone Time

by Ascidzz



But I was afraid
Afraid that she would say no

Rejection is no good for me
But I know

I've got to put in effort
I can't just say f her

She's a magnet
And I have to let myself go.

She ain't even paying attention.
So I guess we're remaining a friendship.

But I swear, when I told her I loved her I meant it.

But now I have to make her mine

I don't know
Show me the way

Be my guide
She's right there

How could I just stray?
I can't take it

Does she love me?
I can't tell.

Give me your love
We need alone time

[Verse 2]

Tried to take her on the side real quick
Mind-boggling, I do not know if
I should say it right now, I'm wasting time
I was confident now I'm looking into her eyes, perfect.

Butterflies, stomach flipping inside
Got too nervous and it hurts so I just say nevermind.

She i'm silly and she's smiling as she says it.
She turns around and walks away and then I want to say it

Oh, I love you.

Got to put in effort
I can't just say f her.

She's a magnet.
And I have to make myself go.

She ain't even paying attention.
But I still have to maker her mine



released November 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Ascidzz Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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