by Ascidzz

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Fuck it, I'm losing it.
I sit here in my bedroom losing my shit
I told you through the music I'm losing interest
To use my gift.

And the thing is I'm not a useless shit.
It's just these business groups that's refusing to use my shit

I'm sick of hearing "We love what you spew and spit"
Then fucking promote it, don't give me bullshit excuses

About who would enjoy this newer wit.
Honestly you need to loosen grip
Lex Luthor script to unscrew your lips
From the trending music dick.

You say you bring the late and great to people
How many times have you told me I'm amazing through the peephole.
I guess I'll have to brazen out hatred for these people
That spend their days thinking of ways to parade the sheeple.

But I guess I will have to wait for the day that I get equal.
Still not making the same shit as the John and Jane Does you can eat from.

Doing the same 140, 170, 128 bpm
Kick and Snare on the eighth and their exaggerated reverb.

Cymatics presets and the latest vape modifications.
Razer light up keyboards, stuck keys from ejaculations.

Pirated plugins with the same zip files of basses
And their favorite songs with YouTube tutorials on how to make them.

Spend the next few months taking the style and replicate them.
Meanwhile the network made another few thousand and ain't give

None of it to the musician.
What is it you're not getting
These businessmen are taking your music to make a living

You're stuck in your bedroom, lost on how to send a submission
Never receiving responses, yet you remain optimistic

Steady improving your craft, you thinking you've gotta get gimmicks
Naming yourself after food
Who cares if it's not delicious?

All I'm saying is take a chance
On creative shit
As long as it's quality people are not gonna hate the shit.


released January 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Ascidzz Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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