Jay Z feat. Justin Timberlake - Holy Grail (Ascidzz Remix)

by Jay Z; Justin Timberlake; Ascidzz

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Sandbox Adventures EP Coming In September!!!!


[Intro: Justin Timberlake]
You'd take the clothes off my back and I'd let you
You'd steal the food right out my mouth and I'd watch you eat it
I still don’t know why, why I love you so much, ohh
You curse my name, in spite to put me to shame
Have my laundry in the streets, dirty or clean, give it up for fame
But I still don't know why, why I love it so much

[Hook: Justin Timberlake]
And baby, it's amazing I'm in this maze with you
I just can't crack your code
One day you screaming you love me loud
The next day you're so cold
One day you're here, one day you're there, one day you care
You're so unfair, sipping from your cup 'til it runneth over, Holy Grail


released August 24, 2013
Jay Z; Justin Timberlake; Ascidzz



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Ascidzz Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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