Kvordair [Deluxe Version]

by Ascidzz



Kvordair is reminiscent of my consciousness. It's a mental temple of mine where the congregation and thus collaboration of my personalities take place. Those congregations output my stream of consciousness and especially show throughout my tracks.

This is a more thorough representation of those personalities and their power.

Thank you!

Stay Frosty!

What You're Paying For:

- 11 Original Tracks in any format
- 2 Bonus Tracks
- 10 Pictures


released August 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Ascidzz Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Therapy (The Temple)
My mind is a temple.
Every track that I produce exercises my mental
My personalities don't mind them sticking round like dimples
Most musicians nowadays have began with a stencil

They get a laptop and a pencil
I just had a pencil and a fucking issue
Momma made me cry all the time
But all of that crippling abuse

Made me a recluse
Thinking what the fuck I'm to do.
Had me writing, doing puzzles, speaking English by two.

Family telling her to stop knocking me down, it'll screw me up and my siblings
But she didn't care, she thought it was cool.

Wish I could tell you it subsided, it got worse as I grew
Didn't even need a reason, just unleash shit on you.

I was depressed as fuck but always kept my energy up
I didn't speak to none about it so no sympathy but

I didn't need it, I'd do whatever to escape the fuss.
I feel you flinching, but I'm not listen, I admit it sucks.

Got my first instrument around seven, electric guitar
"Bad to the Bone" with my auntie I'd play, she'd sing along.

Eventually build up resentment as the time would progress.
Mom and pop split, that was a lot of weight on my chest.

I missed pop, he and I reminisced rubberband tension
No matter how we got spread apart, we'd come back again nothing different

Meanwhile I gotta deal with this other man that my mother introduced to us
A replacement while papa was missing.

I got so defensive.
A bitter relationship it was.
I keep having them, plus the bullies at school, why'd they hate me such

And I was breaking
Later started making razor cuts
And tried suicide numerous times
But something would wake me up

Was it dedication?
Was nothing that could be simple
This pit of resentment was dangerous,
And I felt like pimple

Cause I would rest in silence, but I know some day I will pop
And when that time comes I don't know who can make me stop.

Meanwhile I'm in the Brewery, my early morning wake up
Profane Language in with a straight face and a steaming cup

Got espresso shots, all kinds of spirits and vodka Still wondering why when my mother does shit no one stops her.

So here's Kvordair.
Could give a fuck if you like it.
Because this shit is my therapy, it's been in my Life since
I was broken apart this music shit keeps me alive and I live through it these songs are the way that I cry.
Track Name: Chillin'
I see you right there, I see you right there
I see you right there, just chillin', just chillin' mmm